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Review: Michael Moore film the Sixth.

Posted by Paul on August 2, 2011

I recently watched Capitalism: A Love Story. It left me thinking about some things. The least of these was Michael Moore’s flair for the theatrical. This may be what most gets him in trouble. I, personally, can shunt it aside and get on to listening to what he has to say, but it can turn some people off. While this hyperbolic nonsense can lend an air of the ridiculous to his films, like when he tried to say that “Osama Bin Laden is just some powerless dork with a dialysis machine that can’t do shit” (I may be paraphrasing), he seems to be spot on with how our worship of free-market capitalism may be destroying the lives of everyone that isn’t making five hundred bajillion dollars a year through credit-default swaps, and that maybe a dash of socialism isn’t such a bad thing, if it means us working together to make sure everyone that is willing gets the basic needs met without having to sit striking inside their workplace, begging for food for a week.

Sure, in this flick Obama is Jesus and W. is Satan, even though they’re both much more complex figures than that. Part of that is because Barack hadn’t been in office very long at all, and Bush hadn’t had the benefit of temporal distance from his term to teach us that yeah, he wasn’t a total dick (i.e. Africa). It doesn’t matter this time. Not any of the exceptions to Moore’s histrionic propaganda. Because for the first time since the parts of Bowling for Columbine that didn’t involve emotionally assaulting an ailing Charlton Heston, Michael Moore hits the nail on the fucking head. The way we have let our economic system trump our political system hurts all of us, and the only way out is revolution. Not necessarily a violent one, but revolt all the same. Revolt against those that do not produce, yet take in the majority of our material wealth anyway. Those who destroy our way of living  and are rewarded. To put a name to them: Wall Street. They are what we should never have had. They are the GLADoS to our Chell (I’ll let you look up and maybe play the game Portal to get your allegories up to date). We must, must defeat this entity that ruins all our lives.

Because if we don’t toss that thing that we don’t know what it does into the fire, we will all be baked.


And then there will be cake. Maybe.


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